(1129) Korean Ginseng No.9 (set)

(1129) Korean Ginseng No.9 (set)

Basic Information
Product (1129) Korean Ginseng No.9 (set)
Seller Product Code 1129
Retail Price $57.00
Price $30.99 ₩31,588
Reward Points 1.54$
수량 수량증가수량감소
Farming Year 4-year-old ~ 6-year-old
Root Pieces 10 root pieces ~ 20 root pieces
Weight more than 350g (Red Ginseng producing machine one-time use)
Expiration Date Within two weeks of intake
Date Of Product Within 3 months
After packing weight 1,200g
Product Size [W] 210mm, [L] 325mm, [H] 65mm
Delivery Fee Scheduled product For sale
적합한 권장 용도 홍삼제조용

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Korean specialty with more than 1,500 years of historyKorean Ginseng No.9 (set)

This product has a scratch and has not
a fixed size and astraright root among Korean special products, Goryeo ginsengs.

Terminology Interpretation

Korean Ginseng is the Ginseng produced and cultivated in South Korea.

Fresh Ginseng is the state of Ginseng which is not processed.


Red Ginseng liquid extract volume
The Korean Ginseng No.1 ~ 9, sold by
Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
is the amount for Red Ginseng producer (Ocoo) for one-time use,
and you can produce approximately 2 liters of Red Ginseng liquid extract.

The period and method of storage
[same method for cleansed Ginseng]
It is recommended to intake within 1 month.
It should be stored in household refrigerator (under 3'c)

The cleansing method
[600M natural bedrock water, every Friday water examination]
This is under high pressure
cleansing without any additional chemicals

Packaging container and eco-friendly Nano anti-bacterial ball
[packaging material]
This is same PET materials as water bottle,
so it is harmless to human body.

[anti-bacterial ball]
It is harmless to human body,
but it should be prohibited from intake
(application and disposal method are described in specifics below)

Product Specifics

Product Specifics
The type of product Fresh Ginseng (special, industrial crop)
Producer/manufacturer and location Producer/manufacturer :
Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
Location : 8, Deokcheon-ro, Namil-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Date of production, expiration date or quality warranty date It is not produced and sold in specific date of production, and it is produced depending on inventory. Th average inventory period is 6 months.
Product Composition 10 - 20 root pieces / more than 350g
If the product is under the category of genetically modified food N/A
If the product is drug medicine (In Korea) This is not a drug medicine for preventing and treating diseases.
If the product is imported N/A

Customer service center : 한국인삼유통공사(주) 1544-9334

Korean Ginseng No.9 (set)

Korean Ginseng with global recognition, from gift of nature of 1500 years of history
People care, and nature makes the gift of deep emotional touch from Geumsan.
The wish for health is well recognized by us, so we package our deep emotional touch.

Geumsan - The biggest Ginseng city in Korea

  • Korean Ginseng with 1500 years of history
    Korea proudly presents its world's
    best state-of-the-art technology as the original producer of Ginseng.
    In its center, Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc. is striving forward.
  • Global age of direct transaction for South Korea Korean Ginseng
    People care, and nature makes the gift of deep emotional touch from Geumsan.
    The wish for health is well recognized by us, so we package our deep emotional touch.
  • The result of investing our long-term times,
    honest sweats and acting with nature The sincerity for health
    becomes our deep emotional touch and it becomes our happiness.
    Thus, the deep emotional touch circulates.

  • The unchanging value within ever-changing environment
    With Korean Ginseng with 1500 years of history,
    through the transactions of customer and businesses,
    we are initiating B2C and B2B, with best conditions and quality.
  • Korean Ginseng, with its own continuous value within
    rapidly-changing surrounding environment!

    The center of South Korea Korean Ginseng!
    The global steps for Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
    starts in Geumsan for better tomorrow.
  • The globalization of Korean Ginseng of South Korea
    Considering the Global age
    of direct transaction for Korean Ginseng of South Korea,
    you can buy Korean Ginseng with more than 90
    different languages and diverse shopping malls.

Clean Service“Cleansing Fresh Ginseng”

  • Fresh Ginseng cleansed with natural bedrock water
    The Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.'s
    Fresh Ginseng is cleansed drinkable natural bedrock
    water with regular water quality check.
    There are no additional chemicals,
    and we use high-pressure cleansing which is our specialized technology.
    You can store and use same to uncleansed Ginseng.
  • Special knowhow of Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
    “I've not seen any white Ginseng like this!”
    Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
    uses high-pressure cleansing with natural bedrock water,
    so after you receive the product,
    you can conveniently and simply wash and intake.
    It is our knowhow of getting rid of soil while
    not damaging the external appearance.

One by one with sincerity! “Fresh Ginseng cleansing”

  • We cleanse Ginseng one root by one root!
    Did you imagine the cleansing with machines in vast quality? No~~
    The foods for people should be sincerely produced,
    so we cleanse our Ginseng one by one.
    South Korean specialty, Korean Ginseng! Ginseng for my family!
    All processes are manually done with handworks for every ginseng.
  • Vacuum packaging?! No?! Ginseng is living creature.
    We package with our innovative method for agricultural product distribution
    with patent application technology from 2016.01.01.
    It embraces the elements such as freshness,
    decomposition, microbial reduction, antibacterial
    activation, eco-friendly element, and harmlessness to human body.

    Patent application contents
    cell membrane oxidization and sterilization such as bacteria and virus,
    anti-bacterial activation, sterilization for harming bacteria and mold types
    Quality experiment test
    30 days after : approx. twofold difference on freshness, decomposition and sensory test
    customer evaluation (50 people)
    30 days after: approx. twofold difference on 5 categories of satisfaction

    From Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc., you can receive the top-quality
    product from sites through direct delivery by our special delivery know-how.
    Also one more advantage! you do not have to store in kimchi refrigerator (-0~-2'c).
    You can freely keep in refrigerator (under 3'c).

Round transparent ball?“eco-friendly Nano anti-bacterial ball”

  • “eco-friendly Nano anti-bacterial ball” with ample moisture
    This is eco-friendly Nano anti-bacterial ball which is technologically
    patented by Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
    It keeps the moisture of Fresh Ginseng, continue its freshness and activate anti-bacterial measures!
    This is the technology offered only by Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
    which would make you receive the fresh product from the sites.

    The transparent ball provides moisture if you discard in flowerpot.
    If you want to dispose, you can put it in the place under
    the sunlight and it automatically reduces its size into hundredfold,
    so you can easily discard with convenience.
    You could discar in the garden. It is biodegradable.
    The eco-friendly Nano anti-bacterial ball is harmless to human body,
    but please do not intake.
  • The hidden efforts of Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
    As the representative company of Korean Ginseng in South Korea,
    we have our view of "we are the first and it is innovation."
    We are striving forward with unapproachable efforts and know-hows.
    From eco-friendly Nano anti-bacterial ball to container which is harmless to human body~!
    The initial start was progressed by Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.

* The know-how for this image is granted to Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc. and it is protected under patent laws.

Unprocessed“Fresh Ginseng”

  • The natural fresh Ginseng itself~!
    The fresh Ginseng of Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
    is delivered to you as fresh as it can be than any other suppliers.
    You can meet our soil scent and sincere beads of sweat for the product.
  • Fresh Ginseng is very functional vegetable!
    There are many misconceptions and prejudices which make false information for Ginseng.
    Ginseng possesses its top healthy components,
    so it is best for medical drugs, and also it is designated
    as vegetable categories due to its harmlessness in long-term intake.
    As onions and carrots ard good for your health~,
    How would ginseng help your health?
    Already a lot of people are using ginseng for their foods.
  • Make your own food with Ginseng·Red Ginseng by smartphones!
    The biggest smartphone cooking app "10,000 recipes"
    provide the diverse modern recipes that we suggest
    if you search 'brand chefs, Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.'

    How to use
    1. Install "10,000 recipes" in Google PLAY Store, and Apple Store
    2. Touch "Brand Chefs"
    3. Touch ''Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.'

Did you order? “Delivery in preparation”

  • Our products are not packed in advance.
    You can select from our diverse selections of products for its size and thickness,
    just dug from our sites. Fresh Ginseng from Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.!
    If the order is submitted, we proceed the packaging for the delivery.
  • We strive for every pieces of Ginseng with our sincerity.
    The sincerity, is the mind to invest all efforts and possess the true and earnest mind.
    Ginseng is the honest creature for our body.
    We fully recognize our customer's mind, so we Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.
    packs our products, our Ginseng by one by one in our sincerity.
  • Geumsan, the city of Ginseng for South Korea “Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.”
    Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc. is the representative for
    South Korean Ginseng, and is located in Geumsan, the city of Ginseng for South Korea.
    The reason why it is operated in the site, is to provide our customers with best products.
    Korea Ginseng Trade Corporation Inc.,
    the representative company of Geumsan,
    opens the door with the scent of Ginseng and closes its door
    when evening dew glistens on the leaf of Ginseng.

Gift packing which upgrade the classs of the product.

We know well the giver and receiver's mind. So we always try to keep the best quality of product.
If you order the Ginseng or red Ginseng, we also send a quality assurance document Guaranteed by Korea Ginseng Corporation..
You can meet our 100% Korean high-quality product.


Korea Ginseng Distribution Corporation offers product to customer that through process and every inspection and complete a supporting data submission and registration to National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service.

  • Moisture is dried to below 15%

    Selecting by pieces, piece grade of red ginseng division and packing unit is followed the rule that central, chairman of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation were pointed by agriculture minister following an Agriculture Department notification under paragraph in 2002 - 8.
  • Lotus root and sign test

    The product selling in Korea Ginseng Distribution Corporation followed individual check standard of Ginseng Industry Act Enforcement Regulations of the Article 19 of the “criteria and methods of inspection” and grade mark is "pass"
  • Magnification of 600 tissue test

    The product selling in Korea Ginseng Distribution Corporation is that as a whitening and pitting of ginseng is less than two-thirds of the length body, we select a good product possible to sale.

  • Figure_ It must have head, body is circle, length scar and about crack or number and length of legs is not limited.
  • Color and gloss_ Reddish brown walls, luggage tan, brown or dark brown
  • Surface_ Yellow skin, wrinkled skin, white skin, damaged ginseng etc is less than two thirds of the whole surface.

National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service supporting data submission and product which completed registration

Korea Ginseng Distribution Corporation distribution seller, consumer supply


Saponin is a main ingredient to medical action, and ginseng saponin is special ingredient
which can not be seen in other plant body.
you can understand easily its efficacy, thinking that it goes to human body and washes each organ of human body including blood vessel with a soap.

  • KR ginseng
  • US ginseng
  • CN ginseng
  • JP ginseng

Comparison with Goryeo ginseng and foreign ginseng that amount of containing saponin and composition.

we extracted from the Goryeo ginseng which studied academic data, and etc.


If you buy one product, you will take a ginseng of 750g weight
During transactions, a bouquet of ginseng is called 'one chae' and was traded by 750g weight

  • CHAE = 750g
  • ROOT 30g ~ 40g

Fresh ginseng as a raw ginseng, so it can be used freely for any purpose.

You can receive a true picture of ginseng which snatched from nature.


If the body of ginseng is thick, the length would be short. If the body is thin, the length would be long.


If you order in overseas, there is no problem to clean and cleaning costs is free.

Washing is cleaned by the 'underground bedrock water' that drinkable through regular water inspection.
Because we do not play chemical disposal, you should use and storage that like a unwashed ginseng.

Pressure of water is strong high pressure washing, it washes cleanly,
But please wash when you use.

In Korea Ginseng Distribution Corporation, they pack to special films that there is less moisture and absorption of oxygen and carbon dioxide emissions is possible so this can storage as a high condition.

  • Ginseng harvest Grade selection Work High-pressure washing work Surface natural drying
  • Selection and repair Ultraviolet sterilization Special film packing Packing and Send


We can know the approximate production area, seeing a color of soil

  • What is a leaf mold?Be the soil that grass or fallen leaves was rot.
  • What is a masato?Produced soil that weathered granite.
  • What is a red clay?As a broken rock by the weathering, yellow and dark soil.


Ginseng is 6years old! it is the common misbelieve from the past that there is no scientific component analysis result!

Why! why is well known that 6years is the best during the time?
Followed by the Japanese Government General of Korea, from the 1956,
government resells the cigarette and ginseng and be monopoly manufactured the red ginseng.

Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation maintains the custom of making red ginseng that distinguish
that to the 4 years is fresh ginseng, 6 years is red ginseng,
it seemed to that imagine was confirmed and be common sense that 6years is the best.

Without demonstrate processing that 6years is the best, we know that so until now.


Saponin is a main ingredient to medical action, and ginseng saponin is special ingredient
which can not be seen in other plant body.
you can understand easily its efficacy, thinking that it goes to human body and washes each organ of human body including blood vessel with a soap.

  • KR ginseng
  • US ginseng
  • CN ginseng
  • JP ginseng

Comparison with Goryeo ginseng and foreign ginseng that amount of containing saponin and composition.

we extracted from the Goryeo ginseng which studied academic data, and etc.


Please use such as "healthy vegetables" as added dish/fried/mixer/reproductive for all

FAQs / Best answer

  • 1. How much would you put fresh ginseng, if make red ginseng liquid, how amount being offered?
  • In case of the mixer, about 350g is right, basis on red ginseng liquid 100% of normal commercial, =1 box(about 5 liters) can be extracted.
  • 2. Should we have to observe the precautions that don`t take ginseng for long time,
    Don`t eat ginseng who has a lot of heat and high blood pressure?
  • Ginseng is knowns as the best of a good ingredient for medicinal purpose and was labeled as vegetable because it is harmless even eat a lot of it steadily.
    Also, the story that it produce heat, person who has high blood pressure don`t eat ginseng is revealed as a false rumor through scientific research result.
  • 3. Fresh ginseng's head must definitely be cut with a bamboo sword?
  • The question comes from the 'Don`t cut ginseng with iron knife' words.
    At time, the iron knife means iron that will become rust, but in modern times, kitchen knife as stainless is okay.
    when you eat raw ginseng, cut its head. when you make it red ginseng, do not cut and please use as it is.

Red ginseng liquid extraction using decoction vessel

  • Please, put red ginseng about 350g
  • Please, pour water
    about 2,400cc(4 cup)
  • Close the inside cover and
    combine the outside desktop,
    select "red ginseng decoction" on menu
    after that push the start button, after 6:30, it is completed
    and converted to automatic keep warm.


As fresh ginseng`s method of using is different with other crops,
if you be well acquainted with notice, it will be big helpful.

  • 1. Fresh ginseng is living thing that moisture alives more than 75% so be careful.
  • _ Storage - 0 degrees ~ -2 degrees is the best and it is same with best kimchi refrigerator`s degree.
    _ Winter temperature in the ground as a basis, it is the best temperature that frost is freeze.
  • 2. Fresh ginseng is a living thing can`t storage for long time so fresh ginseng you received is all new fresh ginseng.
  • _ When you storage in home, we recommend about 1 month.
  • 3. Head of fresh ginseng could mold even just one day if there are a lot of moistures or temperature does not fit.
  • _ In case of that, it is good to cut off the part of head which mold.
    _ When you find the mold, you should remove that to not spread although do not use it right away.
  • 4. Common knowledge about head of fresh ginseng
  • _ It is right method to cut the head of fresh ginseng before eating, but in case of eating red ginseng, you don`t remove that.
    _ As head on sprout is a living creature, After receipt, sprout could grow even during storage.
    Head of ginseng has no toxic such as potato, sweet potato, so you don`t worry about that, and apart it and you can eat it as a Moo-chim
  • 5. It is good to keep it dry if fresh ginseng could be spoiled.
  • _ White ginseng by washing and drying. Red ginsen by getting steaming hot and drying.
    If dried, it can storage for more than 2 years in not moisture and room temperature.
  • 6. Even the superlative degree of fresh ginseng, the root can be damaged, this is not defect.
  • _ Ginseng harvested 99% is harvested by machine, the root is broken easily, so it is not admitted as a product problem.
  • 7. Even you order same fresh ginseng, it looks like small or big relatively than existing.
  • _ Fresh ginseng as a root creature, there is no certain shape, may look small, because the thickness of body is thick or body is long but it could be seen thin.
    However, fresh ginseng pass through third selection base on weight and is delivered ,exactly. so don`t worry.





    Parcel service box

    Do-it-themselves Box that at headquarter send directly.
  • Summer

    Styrofoam + Ice pack

    Nono-silver antibacterial ice pack
    (Declination rate of bacteria 99.9%/ Heavy metal was not detected)


We strongly recommend to person who elderly parents, exhausted father from work,
exhausted mother from housekeeping and infant care, middle age mother,
studying test-taker, child who feel tired easily, who wants to intake a red ginseng with affordable price, who eat together for health care!

A day number of intake, amount of intake, free time~when you storage that, please storage in a cool place avoiding moisture and direct sun light.

* Be careful when intake : when you intake treatments for diabetes, blood Blood-thinning pills, etc,
we hope you will intake after consultation with a doctor.
In case of a diathesis and allergy, we want you to intake after you're done checking the ingredients.


[PayPal]: Virtual Online Account, Credit/Debit Cards supported by PayPal
1. Payment with credit/debit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX etc.) via PAYPAL – without a paypal account
2. Payment with credit card (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex, and etc.) - verified by 3D secure accepted


  • Shipping Method : Parcel Service
  • Shipping Area : A Region.
  • Shipping Cost : International Shipping Fee
  • Shipping Time : 1 - 3 days
  • - Shipping method: EMS
    - Shipping Area: Worldwide
    - Delivery time: 7-10 business days from payment (Same day shipping is not available)

    Please take into consideration that some products may take additional time for delivery and processing

Returns & Exchanges

1. Requirements:

Please take into consideration that we only accept qualifying returns but not exchanges. Refunds are issued once the returned products clear our inspection.

1) An item is eligible for cancellation if:
-you posted a Return request within 24 hours of payment and your order is still under “Pending” status (if your order is under “Queued for Shipment” status, please contact our customer service center) or
-the order is delayed for more than 10 days since payment and you have not received any notification regarding the delay; or
-the ordered item is out of stock.

2) We accept return(s) if:

-you receive a product different from your order; or

-you receive a defective product.

**Return Instructions

(1) Post a return request on our Return forum within three days of receipt. You are required to attach the photos of the received product(s) and include the item code, the order number, and the reason for the return.

(2) A customer service representative will be in contact to assist you by email or phone.

(3) Items returned must be in their original condition, which includes tags and any packaging. Also, you need to include a note of your order number, name, and user ID.

*Please be advised that returns are accepted ONLY IF you followed the instructions above and your return request has been approved by our staff. Returns that are shipped to us without any prior consent are not accepted.

*Please note that EVEN the defective/incorrect item(s) must be returned with all of the tags and labels intact. The item(s) must be sent in their original packaging and unworn.

*Please include all contents of the original package and free gifts (if applicable) in your return packaging.

* Shipping fee for any return caused by our fault will be paid by the company. However, if EMS’ cash on delivery is not possible then you can scan the return receipt and either mail it with the item to return or post an image of it on the forum. The shipping fee will be refunded once the returned item has arrived.

3) We do not accept return(s) if:

-you are returning the items just because you changed your mind (on size, color, etc.)
-you are returning shoes, bags, or any other accessories
-the products are damaged due to your mishandling
-your return request is not approved by our staff

The following items are not considered defective:

* Items that are originally manufactured without tags or labels
* Items with creases that may have been made while shipping
* Items with unsatisfactory/incomplete finish due to mass production

4) If there is a missing item from your order:

*Contact our customer service center by phone or by forum (if you cannot reach us by phone) within 1 day of delivery.
*Please keep all contents of the original package including packaging material (boxes, plastic bags etc.) with you until you are instructed otherwise.

Please note that we may not be able to process the refund for your missing item if you lose or damage any packaging material.

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